December 29, 2010

Season's Greetings and a Warm Welcome to my Blog!

Holidays are here--the joy of traditions and celebrations, glitter and sparkle, new year resolutions, promises, new beginnings, excitement…oh my! 2011 is just two steps away and it is amazing to see the whole world unified in a multitude of festivities, spirits of goodwill and optimism. That’s the magic of joy and hope. Now is a good time for a fresh start and live a life you love.

And here I am jump-starting my new year’s resolution by taking a baby step towards my modest aspiration. One down, more to go. It might take me a couple of, or perhaps a lot of steps to get into the groove. Regardless, here I am with my first blog and my first post. Whoop.

As you can imagine, I am very excited to launch this blog. Frankly speaking, I’m a mixture of nerves and adrenaline. Oh yeah. I had to face my doubts and battle my fears before moving forward -duh! Nonetheless, I am simply excited to be one step closer to taking action. Until a year ago, I was busy with the challenges of a full time job, kids, school and so much more going on. Unemployed, life has been much quieter. My days have been pretty tranquil and I was sighing at all the missed opportunities. With the gift of time, now more than ever, I wanted to wake up each morning feeling refreshed and inspired. Live a life I’d love getting up for each day. But I didn’t know what to do or just how to do it. And then it hit me like an inspirational oomph--food photography and styling. My newfound passionyes! Suddenly activities like cooking and cleaning that seemed mundane a while back feels like happiness. I am having a phenomenal time with the joys of cooking, styling food and photographing. Planning the menu, plating the food, playing with crockery, lighting and colors, choosing textiles…..oh man, I’m in love! Head over heels in love!! It’s like a full time obsession. I’m thinking, dreaming and living food. Sounds weird, huh? I know, I know. It’s sort of hard to explain but hey, it’s cool. Don’t know when it’s all going to fizzle out but I hope my passion for styling and photography will be the catalyst for keeping me going for a real long time.

I’m not a seasoned chef. Neither am I a blushing beginner. Growing up in a joint family, I have always watched and savored the dishes prepared by my family--grandmother, mother, aunties. So when I started cooking it was not that complicated, and invariably my experiments were a hit with the family, which was motivation enough to keep going :) Anyways, I can assure you that I have cooked all the recipes on my web page for my family and friends and they’ve been impressed. Of course, what can go wrong with food prepared with passion and served with a smile? Hey you know what I mean, don’t ya?

I hope my pages will spark your culinary skills and stimulate your appetite. I wish to be your great company, albeit virtually. And I want to know--what do you want to know? Yes, I’d love to hear from you--suggestions, feedback, just a note to say hi…whatever. Please do not hesitate to share your experiences. Once again, I am happy to connect with you. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Happy cooking and bon appetite! Happy New Year too!



  1. Nashi............. so this is the secret that you have been hiding uh? Sweetie... this is simply amazing - your first post, your recipes, your photographs are simply mind blowing. When will you make some time for me girl??

  2. Judith SerraoDecember 30, 2010

    Amazing blog and pics.

  3. Joyce! Thanks so much hon! You are too generous…! Honestly, you are an inspiration to everyone. You have left your mark, as usual, by being the first to review and provide feedback. Thanks, again. We’ll meet soon, I promise.

  4. Hey Judith. Thanks for your feedback!

    Your blog is really impressive. OMG all those recipes...I don't know if I'll ever have the energy, let alone the time to do something like that. Good job, girls! I'll be visiting soon to let you know how I feel.

  5. Excellent one :) no question.Please if you could add a piece of history (if there is) to the dish in context. I see that for some of the dishes you have already have done that..I often wonder what is the cultural history behind steam-cake (Puttu) or dosha... Malayale food should have some connection with Jewish, Arabic, Dutch, Portuguese or English cuisine when accepting the fact that we had close trade connection with all of them :) Even Romans -it is know an accepted fact that there was a Roman outpost to control trade in Kerala during 600 BC. After all the word "masha" or table in Malayalam is from the Portuguese word "Maza"
    Something from that angle will make it more interesting.

  6. Isaac, many thanks for your kind words and great advise!

    You are right. The early traders who visited our shores have left their mark on our culture and cuisine. Did you know that the Portuguese introduced the chili pepper? And so the hot and spicy dishes. Arabic influence is evident in the Muslim cuisine; Dutch and Portuguese influence in the Christian cuisine.

  7. You have an amazing blog and i am astounded by your photography! I look forward to learning a lot from you :-)

  8. Was in search of u r mail address...but could not fine it....can u please mail me back dear at

  9. Hey again..was hoping to catch ur email id in this intro..Do pass on ur id @ .. Wow..great to know u have a book collection out here..Would love to borrow some of them. U too have a great weekend !

  10. First, I just love your blog. I do my best, but come no where close to the quality of your photos!

    But, I was also looking for your email. If you could, would you drop me a note at...

    Thanks, Dave Scott

  11. Thank you, for stopping by y'all! Really great to hear from you.

    In case, anyone wishes to contact me, my e-mail is


A million thank you's for stopping by, taking the time to connect, and coming back to visit again. I genuinely appreciate each of your kind thoughts, lovely words, love and support. Happy, happy to hear from you, and hope to see you again!

♥ Nashi