July 18, 2014

Mango Nectarine Smoothie

I'm in a serious relationship with drinks. The life bonding kind. 

Nah, not with alcoholic beverages. But the non alcoholic variety. Like juices, ice cold spritzers and mocktails, shakes and smoothies. 

Ah, smoothies.

Morning shakes made with yoghurt and fruits are a healthy and yummy way to kick start the day.

With summer in full swing, a glass-full of fresh and fruity smoothie is a delicious bonus. Not to mention the chockfull of nutrients that gives you energy boosting, disease fighting fuel. Perfect for adults and children alike.

Smoothies are very versatile. You can use whatever fruit and vegetable are in season, and bump up the goodness by mixing flavors.


When the delightful flavor of nectarine marries lusciously sweet mango, we get a scrummy union. A match made in heaven. Oh yes!

If you are a fan of thick and creamy smoothie, then this one will hit the spot. I couldn’t wait to share the recipe with you.

In Greek and Roman mythology, nectar is the drink of gods. Nectarine is nothing but smooth skinned peach of the family—the one without fuzz, with a beautiful aroma. They have reddish orange flesh and are a great source of vitamins A and C, besides other minerals. Mangoes are rich in Vitamin C and cancer fighting polyphenols. Yogurt provides protein as well as calcium and B vitamins.

Use ripe mango and nectarine. The sweetness and antioxidant level peak when the fruits are ripe. Place unripe fruits in a paper bag on the counter to speed up the ripeness. You may have to add more fruit or liquid, depending on how you like your drink. Play around until you have the texture you like. Add a bit of sugar or honey if the fruits are not sweet enough. Finally, add a few ice cubes for a deliciously thick and frosty smoothie. Yum!

Alright, here's the recipe. 

Mango Nectarine Smoothie

Serves 4
Prep: 5 mins

1 cup ripe mango chunks (about one medium fresh mango)
1 cup ripe nectarine chunks (about 3 small to medium nectarines)
½ cup skimmed yoghurt
4 tablespoons skimmed milk
¾ cup ice cubes
Sugar, to taste (only if the fruits are not sweet enough)

To serve
Low fat vanilla ice cream (optional)
Slivered pistachio


Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend well. Pour into glasses to serve. Serve with a scoop of low fat vanilla ice cream and slivered pistachio, if you like.

Refrigerate any remainder juice in the blender jar, and simply re-pulse when ready to sip!  

I haven't been able to come here often. Or, visit your delicious food pages to see what's cooking. It's just that things are still a little crazy at my end. The only place I've been regular is, Instagram. I find it much easier to stay connected there. 

This place means a ton, and I hope to get back to being regular here soon.

To all my readers observing the fast, hope you are having a blessed Ramadan, 


  1. Hi Nash i am a fan of mango n nectarine...n thick smoothies are my fav too. Kudos you have awesome blog. Keep up the freat work

  2. Yummy! I am also a big fan of juices and these kinda drinks and specially in Ramadan its priority..Well I cant tell you how good I feel after seeing your beautiful clicks and this post..
    Love you loads dear sis :)

  3. after so long seeing a post of urs... such beautiful pics... such smoothies do give all the energy required....

  4. I think u shud change ur blog's name from plateful to Glassful. Bcoz most of d time u r posting only juices. Looking forward for some good recipes ....

    1. Lol ...I know. Time management is a challenge with a hectic day job. I try to post at least drink recepies to keep this space alive :)

  5. lovely clicks and yummy smoothie

  6. its looks very yummy. I love mango related desserts your blog is nice........



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